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Introduction To Seo

Introduction to Seo is very simple Seo stand for Search engine optimization..This is the process which gave your website a complete exposure in the world wide web.Seo is a key to drive a massive traffic from search engine to a website and now a days.Majority of people uses search engines like Google,yahoo,bing etc for the specific term which they are searching for and they find it very easily there search through search engines.We should concentrate firstly on Google to optimizing in the google search engine. Seo is a part of internet marketing it contains into a different techniques like Seo (Search engine optimization),Smm (Social media marketing),Sem(Search engine marketing).This tutorial is completely focus to what is seo and how it’s works.

First of all we should know that how search engine works and what is the search engines works for our websites.In simple words we can say Search engine saved our webpages in it’s database and whenever a related query is search shows that webpage which search engine saved in it’s database.

Whenever we updates our website our first priority is to submit our webpages to search engines like Google

,Yahoo,Bing etc.By this search engine crawls the webpages to see what is there and this all work is done by

Google bot or Spider viewer.Spider follows links one page to another and index everything they find when they surfs that webpages.Sometime it may take time to index webpages because there are billion of webpages

om the world wide web but search engines revisits web after fifteen days.As we already know and discuss in our first Basic seo tutorials for Blogger that Search engines are not humans and don’t like Images, Flash, Animations, Frames, JavaScript content etc.In case if you having these on your website you’d better run the Spider Simulator if these goodies are viewable by the spider. In the event that they are not viewable, they won’t be spider , not indexed, not processed, etc. – in a word they are going to be non-existent for search engines.


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